Hiking up Mt Amos

Over the weekend I headed up the East Coast to stay at the shack with the family. My friends, Em and Dave who live up there had Saturday off, so the three of planned to hike up Mt Amos, then have a BBQ at Honeymoon Bay to re-charge afterwards.

We didn’t exactly have an early start to the day, it was a Saturday! Around 11 we headed to the Freycinet national park. Armed with camera’s we set off.

The walk/hike was marked out with painted yellow arrows, and headed straight up the mountain. It was consistently a fairly step gradient, sometimes clambering over rocks, a bit of bush bashing, and often walking up steep slabs of rock.

The rocks are all a very rich orange/red colour, on the big slabs of rock it is clear where the water runs down them, they are often streaked with white, yellow and black. Amongst the lush green bush with such stunning rocks, and looking down on the clear blue water and white sandy beaches – it was fantastic to soak up the colour rich environment.
After walking upwards for around 1.5hours we reached the top of the mountain and had an amazing view over Wineglass Bay and The Hazards.
We took a few moments to enjoy the view, supplementing our hard working bodies with water and tiny teddies.

In some ways it was unfortunate that it wasn’t a super sunny day since the colours would have been even brights, and made for better photos, but at least we didn’t get too exhausted in some crazy heat.
Being on top of the mountain, and getting later in the day the wind started to pick up, and getting a bit chilly, it was time to head back down.
So we mosey-d back down the mountain. On the Coles Bay side it was very exposed, and the wind was getting pretty strong. This meant we had to pay very close attention to what we were doing, it would have been very easy to fall and get a serious injury!

When we were very close to the bottom we passed a bunch of young men who were planning on heading up….I don’t think they would have gone far before heading back. They hadn’t expected it to be a difficult or long walk at all, so they were trekking up in flip-flops!!

Back down the bottom we headed a few km’s down the road to Honeymoon Bay where we sat down, had a beer and a BBQ.
What a great way to end a big adventure!


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