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Travel Tip Background Info:

I’m female, not a girly-girl,  I like to enjoy adventure activities and I’m a nerd. As with most people, I tend to over pack. To help reduce the chance of this I bought a smaller pack, 55L instead of 80-90L.

This packing list is for an adventure of indeterminate length to various destinations and climates, involving a huge variety of different adventure activites…. I suspect I may encounter issues when trying to cram everything into my pack!


Hot Tip! To help with insurance in the event you need to make a claim take photos of everything you pack and make sure it is somewhere accessible even if all your stuff is stolen eg.  in your email, dropbox.


I travel with two bags, a day pack and a hybrid hiking-travel pack.
My daypack is the 15″ laptop backpack, STM Drifter. It’s fabulous and has loads of pockets. It has a built-in raincoat too.
My travel pack is the MacPac Genesis Aztec 70, with the S2 harness. It has a detachable 15L daypack which I don’t use, without the daypack it’s 55L. I affectionately refer to my pack as Monster. So we travel together as Monster & Duck.

Packed Items

Anything marked with an asterisk is a factor dependent on something else, such as climate, specific destination, short duration holiday etc.

Lightweight, breathable raincoat
Down jacket*

Quarter zip tech fleece
One merino thermal base-layer*
One merino thermal mid-layer*
Neat, thin jumper
Cute cardigan (a colour that matches everything else in my pack)
Four t-shirts (two cotton, two tech, quick-dry)
One neat shirt to wear out
A thin cotton, collared shirt
Two singlet tops

Hiking pants – lightweight, quick-dry
Merino thermal leggings*
Skinny Jeans
Denim shorts
Skirt that can be casual or neat
Cute patterned dress that doesn’t require ironing, is quick dry and packs small
Running tights*
NB: When going to muslim countries, ensure shorts/skirts are knee length

Under Wear
Two bras (one sports, one standard)
Seven pairs of underpants
Seven pairs of socks (four sports, two hiking, one fluffy warm pair)
Pair of stockings

Nike running shoes
Sandals (Chaco ZX2 Yampa)
Converse All Stars
Ballet Flats*

Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Hair Brush, hair bands and bobby pins
Perfume (yes I know that’s extravagant)
Contact Lenses
Cotton tips
Lip balm with sun protection
2in1 Shampoo/Conditioner
Shower gel
Face wash
Plastic Shower bag

Day Pack & Tech items
Travel Wallet with passports, travel documents etc
Phone & charging cable
Tissues (in asia ALWAYS carry tissues as the toilets rarely have toilet paper)
Good camera and associated items: charger,  spare battery, spare memory cards
Waterproof camera and associated items: charger,  spare battery, spare memory cards
Power adapter with usb port for multiple countries
Kindle & charging cable
Laptop and charger*
Spare USBs for backing up photos*
Various sized Dry Bags to protect my gear if caught in a downpour
Head torch
Permanent Marker (always useful for writing your name on your food bag)

Medical Kit
Ibuprofen, Paracetamol & Aspirin (take an aspirin the day before flying)
Prescription medication
Sleeping tablets (not hard core ones)
Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
Hydralyte or something similar
Antiseptic cream
Gastro Stop
Ankle brace
Wrist brace

Eye mask
Ear plugs
Travel towel
Elastic washing line*
Sleeping bag*
Silk sleeping bag liner
Sewing kit
Pocket knife
Packing cells to organise all my stuff

How to pack effectively

Once you have decided what to pack, an important thing is knowing how to pack your bag effectively for weight distribution to minimise the negative impacts on the body when carrying it.

The important considerations are to keep things centred and to put the heaviest items as close to your body as possible.

Packing Theory

Put medium weight items in the lower section of the pack. Put any heavy items centred and as close to the spine as possible, at a position which is roughly in the middle (vertically) of your back. Pack lighter weight items around and above the heavier items to fill out the bags.

Packing Application

I pack everything  in packing cells to make it easier to find things. I have a cell for bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, tights and dresses), a cell for tops (t-shirts, tanks, and sweaters) and a cell for underwear (socks, underpants, bras and swimwear).

I pack with the sleeping bag and medical kit at the bottom, the toiletries reasonably centred (this doesn’t always work out completely centred) and along my spine. I pad the remaining space with the packing cells.


Happy Adventures!


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