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Luxembourg City in 36 hours

Luxembourg City is the capital city of the tiny, tiny, European country of Luxembourg.

When travelling around Namibia, Africa in 2017 there was an awesome woman from Luxembourg in my tour group. I learned some interesting things about Luxembourg, and with it’s proximity to where I was living in the Netherlands I thought a weekend trip to catch up with her was a fantastic idea. I took some family along for the ride and we had a most spectacular weekend away!

Luxembourg Facts

This tiny country is 2,584 square kilometres with a population of approximately 590,000 people.  Interestingly, and sadly for the Luxembourgers, most people don’t realise that Luxembourg is an independent country with it’s own language, Luxembourgish. Being such a tiny nation, squished between Germany, France and Belgium it has two other national languages, French and German. The most predominant language heard in Luxembourg city is French.

Things to see

Barrio Grund with the Bock Casemates in the backgroundOne of the things to see in the city is Gëlle Fra, the Golden Lady statue. She is a war memorial dedicated to the Luxembourgers who fought in the World Wars and the Korean War.

The Notre Dame Cathedral built in the early 1600’s is a wonderful display of architecture. Some parts are semi-renaissance, semi-baroque while others neo-gothic.

Grand Ducal Palace in the centre of the city is also a fabulous building to see. It is the official residence of the grand duke of Luxembourg, who operates as the head of state.

Barrio Grund is the old part of town, on a lower level than the vast majority of the city. The buildings and churches are simply stunning, and it’s wonderful to walk from the casemates to this area along the river.

The Bock Casemates are the rooms and tunnels in the cities old fortress, where in times of attack the Luxembourgers could defend their city. It was wonderful to walk explore the casemates and to enjoy a wonderful view of Barrio Grund. Entry to the casemates costs €6, more if you would like the audio guide.

Adolphe BridgeOther highlights of the city were the gardens, parks and bridges. The city is wonderfully green, with a surprising variation in altitude of the landscape, warranting bridges everywhere you look. The  bridge architecture varies from bridge to bridge, but they are really fascinating and beautiful.

Luxembourg City is very walkable and everywhere you go is beautiful architecture and green parks. It is a clean city with a welcoming feeling. A place definitely worth visiting.


Drinking beer at Dancing NoodlesDuring our visit there was a fair of some kind and we had the opportunity to try a typical Luxembourgish dish  Gromperekichelcher. It was a like a potato fritter but with more flavour, very tasty indeed.

At the fair we also tried  Curry Wurst, and Mushrooms dish with a cream space and Spätzle. Much of the food we came across at the fair is similar to what you may also find in Southern Germany and Austria.

Another great spot to eat is Dancing Noodles, where they make the noodles for their asian dishes in the traditional way. The noodles look great and taste delicious!


Booking last minute, on a budget, for four people, with need of parking, gave limited options. We booked Mandarina Hotel which is 5 kilometres out of the city centre and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Mandarina Hotel is a really well maintained hotel with absolutely wonderful staff, clean, modern rooms and an extensive breakfast buffet. The parking was free, and we were on a direct bus line to the city centre.


Getting There

We drove to Luxembourg from The Netherlands. The roads are good, with clear signage. Parking in the city costs money, but parking outside the centre can be free.

To get to and from Luxembourg City, there is a main train station 10-15 minutes walk from the centre, or the airport is 7 kilometres from the centre.

Getting Around

The city centre is very walkable, with some free public elevators to help with the hills.

In and around the city is a good public transport system, and we were lucky enough to visit during a vacation period where all bus rides were free.

Normal public transport tickets cost €2 for 2 hours or €4 for a day, and they are valid for bus, tram and train.