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Eurail Promo

logo-eurailThe Offer

  • Free extra travel days on Eurail Global Pass Continuous (15d, 22d & 1m) and Eurail Global Pass Flexi (5d,7d,10d & 15 d)
  • Select Passes 4 Countries, 3 Countries, and 2 Countries, offering one additional travel day for free for all combinations
  • One Country Passes, offering one additional travel day for free for all Passes
  • Greek Islands Pass (previously named Attica Pass) will not participate in the Extra Day Promotion

Promotional Sales Period

From 1st Feb 2016 until 30th April 2016 (inclusive). There are no restrictions on the travel period.

Eurail passes can now be bought 11 months in advance!

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Eurail Discounts!!

Get 20% off on all Global and Select passes!!

The promotion has just started so jump on it before December 31st!


In case you aren’t sure what Eurail is, it’s a European train ticket. You can buy them to allow you train access for a specific country, group of countries or a global pass that allows you to access the 28 countries that accept the Eurail pass. Compared to buying a ticket per ride, this rail pass is AWESOME!

9105864456_cc57530083_zWay back when I had my second gap year, in my early 20’s, I bought myself a two month unlimited Eurail global pass. So for two months I train-ed my way around Europe and I saw so many amazing things that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to see.

Departing from The Netherlands, where I was living at the time, I started by heading north to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Then I headed south and a bit east travelling through Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.  I finished by heading further south, but this time west to Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. I then had to get myself back to The Netherlands as quickly as possible before my rail pass expired.

The Eurail pass that I had saved me a lot of money on buying separate flights, train or bus tickets. In some places the rail pass also allowed you to use the local subway system; and there are sometimes other discounts you can get with your Eurail pass, such as on hotel accommodation and museum tickets etc. Occasionally I also saved money on accommodation by taking overnight trains to my next destination.

The Eurail prices are generally fairly expensive, though I would say they are still worth the money. But with this discount, it has never been such a great idea!!

Make sure you check if the train you want to catch requires a reservation, in many cases the reservation has no additional cost, but in some cases it does.

Get a Eurail pass now!!! Or at least find out more about them…