Ready, Set, Pack….

I am thoroughly looking forward to my next adventure. My mumsy and I are heading off for a 3 week adventure around Vietnam and Cambodia. We are doing a bunch of tour modules, as well as having a bit of chill-out time.

We start our travels in Hanoi, from there we will check out Ha Long Bay and the Mau Chau Hill Tribes. Then we fly to Hoi An, where we take it easy for a few days. After soaking up some culture we fly to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) where we tour around the city and the Mekong Delta. Then to wrap up the trip we fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia to check out the temples, markets etc.

So in preparation for this three week adventure, I have done much planning…

  • I have two fantastic teachers lined up to take my classes (since I am sneakily taking one extra week of holidays) and this means that I have done heaps of lesson planning in advance.
  • So I don’t lose the footy tipping at work, I have put in all my tips until Term 2. To correct that, I don’t mind losing if I just made terrible choices, but I don’t want to lose because I didn’t even attempt it.
  • I have organised for a gorgeous friend to look after my much loved puppy dog and my house.
  • I have cancelled my saturday newspaper delivery
  • … and of course I have started to make piles of everything I need to pack

Also, the when I was in china I bought a new travel mascot. I think its a lion..but its kind of hard to tell.

At the moment he is attached to the front of my day pack along with the Beijing olympics mascot, Hai Bao, and my heavy duty luggage tag.

The only problem is, he doesn’t have a name.  Please help me out….

So tomorrow is a day of packing, and then Mum and I jet off on Sunday mornings red-eye flight. Wish me luck!!!!


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