Money Woes…

moneyPrior to travelling I always wonder what the best way to deal with money is: cash or card? what type of card?

The country you are going to will affect whether cash or card is your best option. For example, in Myanmar ATM’s aren’t everywhere and don’t always work, so it is still advisable to carry a large quantity of cash, preferably post-2006 US dollars – crisp bills. Change the money locally as you need it.
Hot tip – don’t change money at the airport, you usually get ripped of.

In most countries though, card is a perfectly acceptable option. When it comes to choosing a card there are many factors to consider. Check out my thoughts on feasible card options for australians: travel tip about credit cards.

Once you have chosen the option that suits you, make sure you also have a backup option and carry this in a separate place; one bank card in your main luggage and one in your carry on/wallet/money pouch. This way if a bag is stolen or lost you aren’t without money.
Worth Knowing:  bank policy in Australia, and probably other countries, is that if a card is eaten by an ATM that bank is required by law to destroy it, so having a back-up card is a good idea, just in case.

The other thing you need to do is advise your bank of the country(s) you will visit and when, so they don’t block your credit card on the assumption that there is fraudulent activity on your account.

Say No to Money Woes!!
If you make some smart decisions before you go, then there is no reason to worry about money when you travel.


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