The last full week of Frocktober

I realised this week, that apart from wearing one skirt twice in the first week, every day of Frocktober has seen me wear a completely different skirt/dress every day! This really surprised me!!! I didn’t realise my wardrobe was quite so extensive!


2 thoughts on “The last full week of Frocktober”

  1. Hi Cat, you look so awesome! I especially like the Week 4 Wed outfit. I’ve tried to donate but I keep getting a 404 when clicking on ‘donate now’ on your team page.

  2. Thanks Cicely 🙂 The skirt in that pic was one I had custome made in Vietnam, and its great with the graphic of the vietnamese ladies on it!
    I got the same error with the donation button, I will email the company who have made the webpage to see if they can fix it.

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