Bucket List Item #3 – Tick!

A slight grimace while tattooing is in progressThe third item on my bucket list is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, get a tattoo. As someone who is notorious for changing their mind, this was quite a scary concept.

After years of deliberating I finally decided what tattoo I wanted and booked myself in. Liz at Maid & Magpie was brilliant, provided fantastic support in deciding the finer details of the tattoo and then getting on with it in a very professional and friendly manner.

The tattoo I decided on is something that will be meaningful to me for my entire life, the GPS coordinates of my childhood home. It acknowledges where I have come from and that no matter where in the world I choose to be, it is still my home.

Completed tattoo, cleaned
Completed Tattoo after its first clean.



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