App Review: Galileo

iOS-App-Icons-2Galileo Offline Maps is an app made by Evgen Bodunov.

There’s a free version and a paid version, I have only ever used the free version (or a free version with in-app purchases). It’s available from the iTunes store and Google Play Store. 

It provides maps for use offline. It utilises the GPS in your phone and doesn’t require telephone reception or wifi to function. You just need to have downloaded the maps you want to use before you go offline.

It works in real time and happily finds you and tracks you as you move about. When a friend and I rented a car in Portugal and couldn’t get the car GPS to work, Galileo was a saviour!

It’s brilliant to be able to navigate for free wherever you are. It also provides indicators for where you can find restaurants, shops, beauty salons etc. 

It has loads of features and I have only used a tiny portion of what it has to offer, but that tiny portion has been brilliant in times when I haven’t been able to access the internet!!


2 thoughts on “App Review: Galileo”

  1. It is a great app especially when you travel and get into areas of bad or no internet at all. I have used it extensively and love it!!

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