“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” and I’m working hard on increasing my wealth!!

I am Cat Stam, but people call me Duckie. This blog is about me and all my adventures.

I’m first generation Australian and all my relatives live in The Netherlands. Conveniently for me and my travel whims, I am a dual citizen. Not surprisingly, most of my explorations have focused on Australia and Europe. More recently I have ventured into different parts of Asia as it is exciting, but also cheap and quite close to Australia.

Throughout the last few years my teaching career has provided frequent breaks during the work year, allowing me to go on frequent, but brief adventures. 2015 has some new, bigger and better, adventures planned – I am taking extended leave from work to explore the world and have started a web development business so that I can work remotely and continue to fund my travels.

So please join me in my adventures, hopefully it will inspire you to pack up and go on your own adventures!


Explore the world with me!